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Black iglidur® Tribo-Tape material for stressed areas

... tribo-tape in new widths from stock ...

Tribo-Tape black  

Especially where the iglidur® Tribo-Tape is a visible part, the new black option now offers even more design freedom. Furthermore the wear resistance compared to variants made of iglidur® A160 has been improved once again.

Lubricant- and mainteance-free

Low coefficient of friction


Easy to cut and glue

Optional with adhesive back

Standard width from stock

Individual desired widths in continuous range from 20-500 mm

Typical applications:Materials handing, store fixtures, mechanical engineering

Material table

General features
Density 1,00 g/cm3
Colour black
Electrical properties
Specific forward resistance > 1012 Ωcm
surface resistance > 1012 Ω
Thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature +70 °C
Minimum application temperature -50 °C

Part Number    
 B160-T-005-0020 a petición 
 B160-T-005-0020-G a petición 
 B160-T-005-0050 a petición 
 B160-T-005-0050-G a petición 
 B160-T-005-0100 a petición 
 B160-T-005-0100-G a petición 
 B160-T-005-0500 a petición 
 B160-T-005-0500-G a petición 
 B160-T-010-0500 a petición 
 B160-T-010-0500-G a petición 
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G1 = adhesive version up to +70 °C

from stock/ex stock

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