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+52 728 2843185

Aircraft project

This project is about a six-member student group which is developing a model airplane in the scope of a study module. iglidur® bearings were used for mounting the aileron. YES, the igus® Young Engineers Support, supplied this to them for free. Used products: 12 iglidur® G GFM-101216-06 and 8 iglidur® G GTM-1018-010. Their application is in the mounting of the aileron. These are not designed as flaps at the trailing edge of the wing as is usual in commercial aircrafts. Instead, large areas of the wing can be tilted completely. This significantly increases the maneuverability, but also produces strong forces at the aileron axis. For this reason, the student group opted for the iglidur® G axle bearing.

Edge parameters of the aircraft:

Wing span: 1.2 m

Length: 1,5m

Reference wing area: 0.444m^2

Total cost: approx € 275

2-axis control via standard RC components, control of aileron and elevator

Motorization: 9 inch propeller driven by a 200W brushless motor

Power supply: Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, 2.2 Ah at 11.1 V

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