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Harnessed energy chains: readychain® application examples

Ready-to-install energy supply systems for automation

Where the automation of machines and industrial plants are concerned, there is a whole series of different reasons to decide in favour of harnessed energy supply systems. readychain harnessed energy chains are being used in many industrial areas such as the timber industry, the textile industry, measuring system technology and special machine construction.
With harnessed energy supply systems for automation, manufacturing costs are reduced and sources of faults are practically ruled out. Less project planning work is needed whereas reliability increases. Possible uses are in the areas of assembly/installation engineering and handling technology, in conveyor technology or in mechanical engineering.

Selected applications of our customers

Automatic medicine handling

Harnessed energy supply systems in the area of automated medicine handling ensure the necessary operational reliability and guarantee problem-free processes.

Shore power connections

At the Mongstad offshore base, flexible harnessed energy supply systems enable 3,000 shore-power connections per year.

3D metal printing

The readychain reliably supplies machining centres with energy at high travel speeds and in limited installation space.

Robotic machining centres

Ready-to-install readychain® systems from igus® reduce assembly times and minimise process costs and errors.

Automation solution

Harnessed energy supply systems ensure reliable automatic loading of machining centres.


The readychain demonstrates its technical and cost-effective strength in crane construction and saves the customer a lot of time during assembly.

readychains in lifting work platforms

Ready-to-install energy supply system is used in lifting work platforms.

Laser cutting machines

Because of the high demands on dynamics, the energy chain had to be stable, strong and not too heavy. The chain experiences very high lateral acceleration particularly on the Y-axis.

Laser measuring instruments

readychain systems ensure precision in laser measuring devices for rolling mills.

Indoor cranes

Pre-assembled readychain systems supply indoor crane with power.

Look through further readychain applications of our customers

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Harnessed energy chains - readychain®

With us as your supplier, you get everything from a single source - the complete system for your machine

Our ready-to-connect harnessed energy chains reduce the number of purchasing options, parts list items, number of contact persons and the installation effort to a minimum.
They optimise your supply chain for energy chains, cables, connectors, hoses, hydraulics, pneumatics, steel parts, sensors, PLC, bearings, linear guides and other machine components.

More on ready-to-install systems

Here you can find further interesting applications from very different areas of use:


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