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An energy chain for everything

Flexible energy supply in beverage technology installations

Beyer Maschinenbau GmbH develops and produces plants for the beverage industry, which palletise and depalletise up to 4,000 boxes and other containers per hour. Beyer uses the igus® E4.1L energy chain to supply energy to the axes and grippers in line with the motto "One size fits all".

Palletiser with energy supply, linear axes and rotary column

Palletiser with linear axes and with rotary column. The MultiPac packer and the palletisers of the MultiPal series are among the machine series that Beyer manufactures most frequently. For the palletisers, the user can choose between two basic designs: The MultiPal L systems are equipped with two linear axes and the MultiPal-DS with a rotary column that allows mobility in up to four axes. In addition to boxes, both types of systems can also palletise and depalletise trays, cardboard boxes and kegs and undertake pallet handling at the same time.

Palletiser from Beyer with igus® energy supply systems

Careful component selection

The E4.1 series from igus® convinced the company with higher torsional stability compared to a competitor's chain used until then. As a result, this energy supply was used across the system series and sizes. Peter Nowotny: "Our goal is to use internal standards according to the motto 'One for all' - not just in the energy chains. This simplifies the construction and also increases its quality. “

E4.1L energy supply system in a Beyer machine

Versatile: energy chain in the "Light" version

In Beyer's assembly hall, it is noticeable that this type of chain is used in a variety of applications: lying and hanging, unsupported and guided. Among other things, the undercut design contributes to the universal applications, which allows a stable interlocking of the chain links. This increases lateral stability and provides the prerequisite for unsupported as well as side-mounted applications. In addition, the user can freely decide whether he wants to use the chain with or without pretension

E4.1L Energy supply system with unsupported length in a Beyer machine

Important: Low noise and quick assembly

A very important criterion for Beyer is the noise. Peter Nowotny: "The noise is a decisive factor for the user to evaluate the mechanics of a system to be of high quality. From this point of view, too, the E4.1L series is convincing: "You cannot hear the chain. " This is caused by the "brakes" designed by igus®: the individual plates on the chain links glide smoothly into one another during the movement, because the wedge-shaped radius stop is slightly bevelled. This dampens the noise while stopping as well as when rolling on hard ground. Vibrations are also reduced, which further increases the service life.

Equally important from the point of view of Beyer is the easiest possible assembly and filling. The E4.1L can be opened and filled from both sides very easily. This saves time especially when mounted on the machine. The smooth inner contours and surfaces of the chain protect the cables and thus create a condition for a long cable life. This is also largely due to the fact that Beyer already uses the chainflex® cables specially developed by igus® for moving applications in individual applications.

Peter Nowotny receives a visit from igus®

"One size fits all"

The Beyer's designers have defined a uniform configuration of the chain for maximum equipment, and in fact the chains are often very well filled. In addition to energy and signal cables, up to four pneumatic hoses with diameters of 12 millimetres are carried along, which "work" during pressure changes and introduce additional loads into the energy supply system. The E4.1L copes very well with these loads. Peter Nowotny: "From our point of view, this chain is a really good advancement that we use universally. “

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