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Compact and precise
Gunda automation solution
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Technical data:

  • What was needed: Compact automation solution with high quality, that is easy to operate
  • Requirements: High precision and flexibility, reliable and powerful components, highest hygiene standards
  • Products used: dryspin stainless steel lead screw, flange lead screw nut of dryspin technology
  • Success for the customer: By doing without oils or grease as lubrication, we can fulfil the highest hygiene standards with our lead screw technology. In addition, use in dry operation saves a large amount of cleaning and maintenance costs and wear is also significantly reduced.

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Gunda automation solution

Compact and precise

Compact design, innovative solutions and future-proof technology are the driving factors of Gunda Automation GmbH, based in Schlier near Ravensburg. The product range, above all the Colibri series, is characterised by precision, high flexibility and efficiency. Wherever something is moved or positioned in automated systems, e.g. when labelling parts, stacking boxes, separating parts and much more, the drives, linear axes and systems of the Colibri modular system are reliable and powerful components. For the user, this means simple integration into the machine design, convenient integration into higher-level control systems, quick assembly and problem-free commissioning.

"Our customers come from a wide range of industries, from the automotive, textile, packaging and pharmaceutical industries to special mechanical engineering. The product range extends from individual drive components such as stepper or servo motors to integrated and intelligent axis systems consisting of axes, motor and controller to individual special machines for the automation of production processes. For example, based on the Colibri modular system, we can combine linear, lifting, pivoting or rotating movements in such a way that demanding handling tasks can be solved with ease. The machine builder can easily integrate our components into his overall system and thus concentrate on his processes to be solved," explains Manfred Müller, CEO and owner of Gunda Automation, and adds:
"Our portfolio is made up of our own developments and complementary products. We have our own development department for electronics, software and mechanical design, but we buy in certain parts where it makes sense, such as the lead screw nuts and lead screws from igus, which we install in our Colibri drives. As a small development team, we can't do everything ourselves and here we have to rely on the experience and quality of our suppliers."

Gunda automation solution
dryspin technology

Lubrication-free lead screw technology with dryspin technology

The used lead screws and lead screw nuts with dryspin technology are based on the principle of lubrication-free linear technology. For completely lubrication-free use, stainless-steel or hard anodised aluminium lead screws are combined with high-performance polymers from the proven iglidur product range. The dryspin technology igus has developed, features asymmetrical threads that extend service life and a flat flank angle that enhances efficiency. The geometry of the lead screw nut matching the threaded rod is variable even in the standard version. 
"By not using oils or greases as lubricants, we can fulfil the highest hygiene conditions with our lead screw technology. In addition, use in dry operation saves a large amount of cleaning and maintenance costs and wear is also significantly reduced. In the meantime, we are requested to supply Gunda Automation with more than eight lead screw sizes including the special nuts," says Reiner Nusser, technical sales consultant at igus.
The stepper and servo motors with integrated control system from Gunda Automation are equipped with all the operating modes of a full-fledged positioning system. Due to their versatility with interfaces such as Profinet, Profibus, Ethercat or CAN Bus, they can be adapted to almost any control system. "In addition to stepper and servo motors, we also offer intelligent positioning systems. Our motorised rotary table, for example, with almost clearance-free worm gear is ideally suited for the precise rotary positioning of components such as sensors, cameras, lasers, limit switches, etc., as is our positioning carriage for format adjustments or for positioning components, workpieces or machining tables. Whether electric cylinder, stepper motor, servo motor or planetary gear, we can implement the positioning systems and the automation requirements of our customers economically and flexibly according to their individual wishes and needs," says Müller.

The largest test laboratory in the industry

Depending on the customer's task, Gunda Automation also uses complete linear axes or axis systems from igus in addition to lead screw technology. "Our production differs from classic volume production, as we very often realise special designs and solutions individually tailored to the customer. This clearly distinguishes us from large manufacturers, as they receive an individual solution from us even for small quantities," says Manfred Müller. Reiner Nusser explains: "That is also one of our USPs. Regardless of whether the user orders one or 200,000 pieces from us, we never charge a minimum order value or a minimum quantity surcharge and the customer always gets the same service and the same good advice from us." With a 3,800 square metre test laboratory, igus tests and develops its products under real conditions. This was also the decisive criterion for the CEO of Gunda Automation in choosing igus and its products. "I was honestly a bit sceptical at the beginning. Mr Nusser then invited me to Cologne and the technicians from igus reproduced our application 1:1 in the test laboratory there. So I could convince myself of the quality of the product on site. Even better, the promised and guaranteed values were exceeded many times over," says Müller.

Aris actuator

Gunda automation solution


By using plain bearings and lead screw technology from igus, Gunda Automation customers get a low-maintenance and high-quality "Made in Germany" automation solution. "It is impressive to see the know-how and commitment with which igus has looked after and supported us right from the start. We are certainly not a major customer of igus, but we are treated as such and this has resulted in a friendly and trusting partnership on an equal footing, which is a real pleasure," Müller concludes.

Products used

lead screw nut

lead screw nut

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