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Harnessed energy chains for laser cutting machines


  • What was needed: Ready-to-install system solution from a single source
  • Requirements: Reduction of the number of suppliers, stability, dynamic responsiveness, high rates of acceleration
  • Product: readychain® harnessed energy chain
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering
  • Success for the customer: Thanks to a Kanban procedure, the customer receives the ready-to-install energy chain systems just in time at the installation location, as a result of which installation times are reduced and parts do not have to stored

About the Byspeed 3015 laser cutting system: This universal, flexible system is suitable for metal-sheet formats of 3x1.5m. The maximum axial acceleration is 30 m/s² or 150 m/min, which corresponds to 3 g. Depending on the laser source, the system cuts steel from 0.5 to 25mm, stainless steel up to 15mm and aluminium up to 12mm.

Laser cutting system

The challenge

Due to the characteristics of the laser cutting process, the requirements for the dynamics of an energy chain are extremely high - it must be robust and structurally stable but must not be too heavy. An energy chain experiences very high lateral acceleration, particularly on the Y axis. Moreover, components are acquired from different suppliers, causing wait times for the customer and installation/assembly work when they arrive.


readychain energy supply systems are already harnessed. The chains with all their components are harnessed in the igus readychain factory. Bystronics thus obtains everything from a single source.
For supply of the harnessed readychain systems, Bystronic uses the so-called Kanban procedure. igus reacts flexibly to the current needs and ensures that the energy supply systems arrive at the installation location just in time.  

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