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Comparison of unsupported length

How does the unsupported length of the igus® e-chains® Series E2.15 and 08 differ under load?
To answer this question, both e-chains® were charged with a load of 1 kg per metre in the igus® laboratory.
The result: Under the same load and at identical unsupported length, the e-chains® of the E2.15 series have about 80% less sag than e-chains® of the 08 series (E2.15 = 4 mm sag; Series 08 = 21 mm sag)
With the more stable e-chain® E2.15, highly dynamic applications can be implemented under more load than with the e-chain® 08.

Comparison of unsupported length

Further information

E2 micro - Visión general

E2 micro e-chains® son muy pequeñas, de una o dos piezas (B07/B09) y con peso reducido, son ideales para aplicaciones con altas exigéncias dinámicas.

Test laboratory for energy chains

More than three billion test cycles per year are carried out at a total of 180 testing stations.