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"E4.1 system" applications

E4.1 - ONE e-chains® series for virtually all applications - The E4.1 system combines all the benefits of its three predecessors and is the best igus® e-chain® in the product range. The E4.1 series are more stable with the same or smaller dimensions than their predecessors. Almost all accessory components and mounting dimensions are identical. With the igus® E4.1 system, the service life of your application can be increased still more and thereby lower costs.

Typical industrial sectors and applications

cranes, indoor cranes, composting plants, sewage treatment plants, machine tools, general mechanical engineering, material handling, refrigeration, construction machinery, woodworking, robotics and handling

Overview of E 4.1 applications:

Energy chains in the beverage industry

Durable energy chains protect and guide cables in the beverage industry

CNC Machining Center

This CNC machining center uses e-chains® in various installation types.

Washing system

This is one of the most modern cleaning systems for railways: Washing the trains is not made by hand any longer, but automated.

Waterjet cutting plants

accurate travel of the two 3D cutting heads on the gantry axes of a 3D- waterjet cutting plants

Sludge processing

World's biggest polymer energy chain: Being many times lighter than comparable steel chains it easily moves over 100 kg of filling per meter.

Bow chain

In customized special purpose machines for model- and mold-making, four different energy supply systems are used due to the high demands and low space requirement.

Machining center bridge work

The H4.56 series was preferred because of the higher unsupported length, the plastic crossbars and easier installation of competitor's product.

Winding machine for cable

E4.1 application with partially unsupported lower run

Elevator crane

Competitor's chains broke down regularly, igus® chains worked without downtimes.

Spray-painting robot

e-chain® product replaces competitor's product because of constant downtimes. Our advantage: High lateral stability and higher service life.

Textile printing machine

E4.1 application with 450 strokes per hour.

CNC machining center

High-temperature energy tubes for CNC machining centers withstand high temperatures and defy the ubiquitous flying chips.

Heavy load transporter

Rugged energy chains are technically and economically the first choice in the construction of an extendable heavy load transporter.

Logistics solutions

A fully automatized distribution system has been developed

Door system

The garage of a city mansion should have be equipped with a moveable gate.

More applications from different sectors


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