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"Guidelok" - Applications

Guidelok horizontal - Metal chips are a problem especially in machine tools for long travels, when the e-chain® must be used in the gliding mode. igus® Guidelok is a cost-effective solution here.
Guidelok vertical - Guidelok vertical offers a simple, cost-effective and reliable system solution for vertical applications combined with arising shear forces!

Typical industrial sectors and applications

Horizontal: Machine tools, applications in the chip area
Vertical: Elevators, inclined hoists, shelf access equipment, material handling equipment, etc.

Overview of Guidelok applications:

"Fast" energy supply system for high-performance SRM

Storage and retrieval systems with innovative drive concept that supports previously unattained dynamics and offers many other benefits.

Waterjet cutting plants

accurate travel of the two 3D cutting heads on the gantry axes of a 3D- waterjet cutting plants

Storage and retrieval machine

Due to the relatively high dynamic values, a guidelok slimline F was used for the safe guiding of the energy chain in this storage and retrieval machine with a lifting height of 6 meters.

Storage and Retrieval Units for High-Bay Warehouses

igus® energy chains are used in the storage and retrieval units of the company viastore systems in Stuttgart due to their operational reliability, even more noise reduction and lower material costs.


This ship-to-shore crane can not only lift the container and set it down again, the whole crane girder can be moved vertically

energy chains for long travels

This horizontal turning machine is equipped with the new energy chains solution Guidelok for long, unsupported travels in the chip area.

More applications from different sectors


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