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Aplicaciones con el "Sistema E2/000"

E2/000: e-chain® with two-piece links - The Series E2/000 is the fourth generation igus®' in this size. All operating experiences are incorporated in the "Year 2000 Series": Easy and multifunctional assembly combined with ruggedness - high stability linked with low-noise operation, long service life for cables and numerous mounting options. The version is standardised for all E2/000 models. Mechanical engineers all over the world rely upon this range.

Sectores industriales y aplicaciones típicas:

General construction machines, conveyor technology construction machines, wood machines, machine tools, glass machines, plastic machines, long travels in many industrial sectors, semiconductor, theatre and entertainment industry, vehicles and much more.

Visión general de las aplicaciones con el Sistema E2/000


A single module needed to be modernized inside of a system. It provides a rubber band with traverse cuts.

Loading and unloading unit

twisterband TB30 for rotary motion in loading and unloading unit

Mobile plasma screen

Mobile plasma screen for presentation of a new Audi model.

Miniaturwunderland (miniature wonderland)

Because of their quiet operation, a medium E2/000 energy chain is used in the reconstruction of the "Knuffingen Airport" in the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg.

Wastewater treatment plant

Due to the high robustness and stability, in a wastewater treatment plant near Saale, the decision was made for an E2/000 e-chain®.

Pipeline welding equipment

With this application, the focus was on high heat resistance.

Servo manipulator

The servo manipulator presented here was used for the remote dismantling of a pipework system contaminated by radioactivity

Brake van

Here, a moving slide on a trailer is supplied with energy. The trailer is used as a brake van in “tractor pulling” competitions.

Bow chain

In customized special purpose machines for model- and mold-making, four different energy supply systems are used due to the high demands and low space requirement.

Airfield tanker vehicle

Hoses and cables in energy chains of igus® in airfield tank vehicle.


Decor with energy chain 2400 series

Hanging installation

Hanging installation of the energy chain 2400 series

Glass processing machine

Delivered complete with guide plate ready to install in a glass processing machine.

Turned 90°

Installation turned 90° - 2500 series

Sewage treatment plant

Energy chain system instead of cable drum - Smooth operation at the sewage treatment plant since 2000

Roof structure

Thanks to the construction with e-chains® in the thermal spas in Bad Wörishofen, about 100 meters of cable could be saved and the weight of the roof was reduced.

Elevator in the Post Tower

The previous travelling cables below the elevator cars were exposed to a steady air draft through an enforced ventilation for the smoke detector system and an undesirable sideward movement developed.

Multiple hoses

Previously, several individual hoses had to be fastened in the energy supplysystem to prevent them from squeezing each other.

Injection moulding tool

Thee-chain® was installed on an injection moulding tool so thatno additional space is necessary in horizontal direction forthe unreeling movement.

e-chain® for primary clarifier cleaning mechanism

Use of e-chains® in a sewage works.

Circuit board assembler

17 million cycles per year – chainflex® cables for PCB assembly machine.

Construction machinery and agricultural machinery

Use of energy chains in construction and agricultural machinery.


Difficult environmental conditions such as dirt, lubricants, steel wool and temperatures between -30° and +50°C in particular make maximum demands on energy chains.

CNC machining centres

There are no standard component assemblies with these machining centres, because everything is tailor-made to customers’ specific wishes.

Towing attachment

One of the most modern towing platforms to test ships’ models:

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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