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Reliable cable guidance in the VELTINS Arena lawn exposure system

Wear-optimised energy chains and torsion-resistant cables minimise maintenance requirements

silver vector award
Winner of the 2022 silver vector award: 1,400 LED light modules and more than 100,000 Osram LED lights make up the impressive lighting system for the football turf in VELTINS Arena, home of FC Schalke 04. The modules are mounted on a steel structure consisting of a main beam that is over 80m long and various B and C beams. Since LED light position must be precise according to zones, various plastic energy chains and chainflex® cables for moving applications bring the system to life. The aim was a lightweight, space-saving, reliable cable guidance system.


  • What was needed: E4/4 series roller energy chains,E2 series energy chainse-spool energy chains, chainflex cables
  • Requirements: UV radiation, rain and temperature fluctuations required robust components. Since various strokes had to be accompanied by cable guides, a lightweight system was also desired.
  • Industry: Agricultural engineering
  • Success for the customer: The roller energy chains minimise push/pull forces over a travel of 120m. Together with other compact energy chains for short strokes in the system and matching chainflex cables, long service life can be achieved and maintenance costs can be minimised.
1,400 LED light modules and more than 100,000 Osram LED luminaires: This exposure system for the football turf of the VELTINS Arena of FC Schalke 04 impresses with its technology and dimensions.


RHENAC GreenTec AG has developed a fully automatic lawn exposure system that was put into operation last year in the VELTINS Arena of FC Schalke 04. The R-BL-1750 can provide football turf with LED grow light for regeneration all year round without contact, as well as water and nutrients on request. The high-tech system is equipped with various sensors that record the condition of the lawn and environmental influences and make them available for evaluation in a digital log book. Parameters such as heat requirement, nutrient saturation, soil moisture and temperature, and the surrounding climate are evaluated to select individual light spectra, suitable light intensity and infrared heat.
The lawn exposure system consists of a main beam made of steel with a span of more than 80m, which travels on rails over 120m, can travel more than 12m/min and achieves acceleration of up to 1m/sec. Twelve fold-out B beams and six steplessly movable C beams along the main beam, which are equipped with LED light modules, can illuminate a total of 1,750m2 of lawn. It can also be raised continuously from the operating position at a height of 1.50 metres to 4.65 metres so that buses can also travel under the system. For all these adjustments, among other things, a large number of motor and bus cables as well as suitable cable guides had to be found. In addition to the sometimes long travel distances, various short strokes of 2 to 6m were to be achieved by means of energy supply systems. The external conditions, such as UV radiation, rain or temperature fluctuations, required robust and durable components. Lastly, the system should also provide significant weight savings.


Rhenac GREENTEC AG decided to use energy chains, which can be found today on all moving elements of the exposure system. The most striking are the two large plastic energy chains of the E4/4 series, which travel along the football turf with the entire main beam of the system. Over a travel distance of 120m, the cable guides designed as roller energy chains prove themselves in that they can minimize traction/push forces and significantly reduce the required drive force compared to sliding chains. The reduced weight of the plastic chains is also noticeable over the long journey and also saves drive energy. For various smaller strokes on the B and C supports of the system, the manufacturer relies on the more compact E2 series energy chains, which are designed for medium loads and enable the LED luminaires to be reliably positioned in their positions. e-spool energy chains are also responsible for the feed movements, i.e. space-saving rolled-up cable guides that roll out to the desired length when the supports are moved and, thanks to the retaining spring, prevent the system from sagging.
The various energy chains were delivered directly from our product range with the appropriate cables designed for moving applications. In particular, a large number of chainflex bus cables and chainflex motor cables keep the system in operation and enable continuous data transmission of the various sensors used in the modern exposure system.
Together with our in-house installation service, we were able to provide a complete solution from a single source, with the coordinated products extending the service life of the moving modules and minimising maintenance costs.
"Thanks to the igus products used, including assembly service, a complete solution was delivered from a single source. The coordinated products extend the maintenance intervals of the system and extend the service life in the area of these moving components. In addition, the roller chains were able to minimise push/pull forces during the two crane trips."

Dagmar Ziegner, RHENAC GreenTec AG
Energy chain The fully automatic lawn exposure system can provide football turf with LED grow light without contact all year round for regeneration.
Energy chain Special roller energy chains reduce the required push/pull forces over a 120m travel along the football field.
Energy chain Various B and C beams, which depart from the main beam, were fitted with E2/000 series energy chains and the e-spool.

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