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+52 728 2843185

Aplicaciones - Sistema "twisterchain"

Circular motions with twisterchain - The twisterchain product line offers a large selection for circular motions. twisterchain applications are supplied with guide trough, which has the following advantages: guiding of the e-chain®, reduced abrasion of the e-chain®, optimum low-noise operation, rotation angle up to 520° (with special mounted parts). Modular assembly of the guide trough enables the use of a longer chain length, various bending radii and several turns.

El diseño robusto permite un funcionamiento seguro aún en entornos sucios/contaminados.
twisterchain para un funcionamiento contínuo en tres turnos - Brazo de un robot sometido a torsiones - aplicaciones en soldadura, rotación de 420°
Para movimientos circulares y en espiral combinados - Series twisterchain
twisterchain en un carril de guiado para movimientos circulares en el brazo de un robot

Water jet cutting

The “waterproof” aspect is one of the most important for components used for water-jet cutting.

Mining application

A versatile applicable commercial vehicle from underground mining that is required for maintenance in different sectors.

Stronger in the circle

Until recently, you could not purchase a solution anywhere in the world for this application.

X-ray robot

This newly developed X-ray robot presents a special challenge to energy chains.

Multi-axis robots

Maintenance free with cables and multi-dimensional energy chains.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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