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Sistema modular para robótica robolink®

El sistema modular para robótica permite automatizar las tareas manuales de forma rápida y fácil. Los brazos articulados están disponibles en varias longitudes y tamaños. El numero de articulaciones libres de lubricación para estos sistemas oscila entre dos y seis y el robot puede equiparse con diferentes accesorios como pinzas, elementos de succión, cámaras, etc. Los componentes para robots de la gama robolink® destacan por su modularidad. Al tener un diseño modular, los brazos robóticos pueden configurarse libremente ajustándose al presupuesto de cada cliente. Además, igus® también ofrece la opción de solicitar sistemas completos listos para usar.  

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drygear® Apiro gearbox with drive pin
The standard version among the Apiro gearboxes: the gearbox with drive pin enables a direct drive connection.  Available gear ratios: 4:1, 32:1, 64:1, optionally also: 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 16:1
robolink® D | external rotary axis | Module RL-D-50-A0210
  • Transmission: 48:1
  • Velocidad nominal: 6 rpm
  • Tipo de motor: Motor paso a paso NEMA23XL
  • Tamaño: Tamaño 50
  • Vida útil mecánica: mín. 1.000.000 ciclos
drygear® Apiro adapter for drylin SLW, SHT
Direct connection at the output to drylin SLW, SHT unit
Available options are:
  • SLW-1660
  • SHT-12 / SLW-10xx
  • SHT-20
  • SHT-30 / SLW-1660
  • SHT-BB-20 / SLW-BB-2080
  • SHT-BB-30 / SLW-BB-25120
For the Apiro-drylin connection, the matching Apiro gear is also required!
drygear® Apiro | connection to dryspin® lead screws
  • Simple and direct connection to dryspin lead screws
  • Available options: DS10x25, DS12x5 and TR16x2
  • Cost-effective all-plastic gearboxes
  • Modular design for manual and motorised adjustments
  • Quick conversion possible
  • Assembly without special tools
drylin® 7th axis for EPSON
  • Compatible with the EPSON SCARA T3, EPSON SCARA T6, and EPSON ProSix VT6-901S (corresponding drill hole available)
  • Stroke lengths of up to 3000mm
  • Drive: stepper motor NEMA23XL with 5:1 gearbox
  • Possible integration into the EPSON programming interface
drylin delta robot | Workspace 360mm
  • For loads up to 5.0[kg]
  • for precision requirements up to approx. 0.5mm
  • for speeds up to max. 3.0m/s

desde / de 4,449.38 USD/Uni.

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drygear® Apiro gearbox with output shaft
The gearbox with output shaft enables a direct connection to the output 
  • Available output shaft diameters are: 8 mm 
  • Available gear ratios are: 4:1, 32:1, 64:1
  • Standard motor option: Stepper motor NEMA17 / 23
  • INI-Kit for zero position optionally adaptable
  • optional also: 3:1, 5:1, 8:1, 16:1
For connection to the drylin linear unit, the Apiro-drylin coupling must also be ordered!
drygear® Apiro gearbox with multi-functional profile
With the help of the multi-functional profile, series connections of gears can be implemented, as spacings of elements or products can be regulated. This combination is often used for applications in the food or packaging industry.
Customized drylin gantry robot | individual workspace
Here you can request your custom drylin® E gantry robot prepared based your application parameters.
drylin® D1 motor control for stepper, DC and EC/BLDC motors
  • A wide range of automation tasks by simple parameterisation, no programming necessary
  • For single axes, line, flat, linear and room linear robots and delta robots
  • No software installation or app required
  • Use with PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Stepper (ST), DC and EC/BLDC motors with up to 21A peak currents and 48V
  • Digital inputs/outputs, analogue inputs, CANopen, ModbusTCP (CANopen Gateway) for connection to master control systems such as Siemens or Beckhoff
    All relevant documents you can find in the Downloads.
    Further information on the D1 dryve

desde / de 450.00 USD/Uni.

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drylin® 7th axis | EPSON Cap + dryve D1 Plug & Play
  • Simple integration to EPSON robots with UR CAP
  • Plug&Play solution ready for connection
  • Max. speed: 300mm/s
robolink® RL-DP - complete module 4 degrees of freedom, optionally with integrated control system
  • Payload up to 30N
  • Cycle times > 7s
  • Reach up to 790mm
  • Available as 4 DOF or 5 DOF
  • Free software available  iRC software 
  • Standard colour of robot: black, individual colour possible
drygear® Apiro gearbox with rotary disc
This gearbox is particularly suitable for slewing ring applications, as it can be used also as a rotary axis. For example, it can be used in laboratory automation.
drylin® D3 motor control for DC motors
  • Simple automation directly using the control system without software and/or PC
  • Operation with limit switch or via power consumption
  • Left/right operation and speed control directly on the housing
  • Option for external switches/joysticks
  • Various modes of operation, such as tip operation and start to finish (semi-automatic)
  • Various adjustable acceleration ramps
  • Power supply via 24V/2.5A
    All relevant documents for D3 dryve you can find in the Downloads.

desde / de 158.00 USD/Uni.

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