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The largest test lab for moving cables worldwide

Facts and figures:

  • Largest test laboratory for moving cables
  • 25 years of experience
  • 3,800m² test area
  • 64 test set-ups
  • 800 tests conducted in parallel in 64 test facilities
  • 2 billion double strokes per year
  • 1.4 million electrical measurements per year
  • 36-month guarantee

36 months security. Unique in the market.

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Planning security for companies. Predictable.

chainflex service life calculator

Why should the product keep the promises?

UL verified: chainflex receives the highest recognition by globally recognised testing organisation

We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience in our 3,800m² test laboratory and 700 concurrently undertaken experiments.
igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables. In a complex certification process, the US "Underwriters Laboratories" institute confirmed the accuracy of the "igus® 36-month chainflex® cable guarantee and service life calculator based on two billion test cycles per year"promise. This makes the Cologne-based company the first in Europe to have the veracity of an advertising statement confirmed by a testing institution. In future, every chainflex® cable that leaves the factory anywhere in the world will be identified by the UL marketing label with its unique number (B129699), referring to igus®.
A total of 1044 of the over 1350 cables in the portfolio and available from stock, already have classic UL approval. This is a prerequisite for the smooth commissioning of plant in the USA. The export of plant to America will therefore run smoothly. The  combination of UL approval and a UL marketing label benefits exports twice over.
These statements create reliability and planning security for your entire investment process; all the more so now that they have been confirmed by an external body! Learn all about UL verified in the free-of-charge white paper:

Read free white paper here

Overview of current tests

Test 3105. CFROBOT5.501

El cable de Robot con fibra de vidrio CFROBOT5.501 resiste más de 28 millones de ciclos a +/- 180º/m de torsión.

Prueba 2233: CF5.10.25

El cable de maniobra CF5.10.25 supera con éxito más de 41 millones de carreras dobles con un 25% menos de curvatura.

Prueba 3089: CFBUS.044

El cable de bus CFBUS.044 ha alcanzado más de 76 millones de carreras dobles en el test de resistencia.

Prueba 3621: CF98.05.04

Cable de maniobra CF98.05.04 supera con éxito más de 138 millones de carreras dobles con un radio de curvatura de 18mm (3.2 xd)


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